Fast web browsing is now here for iOS

 Stealth Net is made for safe browsing

Fast web browsing is now here for iOS

Stealth Net is made for safe browsing

Leave no trace


Stealth Net Browser for iOS leaves no trace of your surfing activities. It does not record history and it does not store cache. SO you can surf without a trace.


Not sharing is not hiding!


There is no encryption!, This app has been made for people who want a simple browser without the fuss of maintaining history or bookmarks etc. It's not about hiding your activity, it's about not leaving it open for sharing. Keep your main browser clean from the noise of transient site visits easily with this app.


Start browsing fast


Stealth Net Browser for iOS gets you surfing safely and fast. Free from the browser bloat of other apps, this one gives you the edge.


Stealth Net

Use Stealth Net for a super fast and safe browsing experience!

Leave no trace of your browsing after app close to help with privacy and speed.
There is no browser bloating with temporary files, cache, bookmarks, history or anything. It is all gone once Stealth Net closes.

We're not saying there's anything to hide, but keeping your iDevice clean without having messy browsing history helps you enjoy super fast browsing.

Maybe you want to look at some sites but simply don't want to pollute your default browser history, Stealth Net gives you that option.
It's a simple browser and it browses the net efficiently, without the need for bells and whistles.

Introducing a simple browsing solution!


We think you will really like this simple web browser. The stealth mode gives you peace of mind that you won't clutter your iDevice with unwanted browser fodder.

  • Super fast browsing
  • Minimal memory footprint
  • No history is saved
  • No cache is kept
  • Your iDevice is kept clean
  • No more browser bloat!
  • Simple interface
  • Automatic purge on app close

A fast and secure solution for safe browsing 




Make your

history... history!