The help you need in the palm of your hands

 Find paper sizes the world over and how they're used.

The help you need in the palm of your hands

Find paper sizes the world over and how they are used.









All paper sizes sorted!

Dial up the size and find out more.

It's really THAT simple!


Know your ANSI sizes?


Save your brain cells and leave it up to the app.

ANSI sizes are a special breed, learn all about them in this app.


How about ISO sizes?


What size envelopes are used for A4 paper?

All this and more is ready and available within the app.


There's Newspaper Sizes too


The more you look into paper sizes, the more you will find

Where is the tabloid paper used? That's tabloid newspaper, not ANSI Tabloid! Take away the confusion and learn with Paper Size Helper app in a simple but informative way.


Simple scrolling


All you need to do is scroll up to find the size you need to know about. It's simple and fast!


Paper Size Guide

This app puts almost every known paper size and information about the best uses for the sizes in the palm of your hand.

Metric ISO A sizes, B sizes, American ANSI sizes, UK metric book sizes, newspaper sizes and more!

Simple interface looks great and is easy to use.

Be sure to look at the spine width calculator app too!



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