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A selection of iPhone Apps available on the iTunes App Store created by Test Lab Software.
Click on each icon to find out more.

A selection of iPhone Apps available on the iTunes App Store created by Test Lab Software.
Click on each icon to find out more.

Football Stats Pro

This app is for coaches, parents, friends and mates who want to improve team performance and record game day results with REAL stats.

Reward your star players with the Hall of Fame photo accolades.

Save stats to camera roll for sharing and review.

iSpeed Pro

Keep an eye on your speed and keep safe with this GPS based Speedometer.

Check out he curious stats about distance and speed. Fun for the passenger too!


iClick is a finger saving app!
Save your fingers by letting the app click for you. Touch the screen to make a sound.
Swipe to the settings screen to change sounds.
Simple to use, additional sounds included..

Stealth Net

Super Fast and Super Safe iOS Web Browser. Leave no trace of your browsing after app close. No history, no cache, no bookmarks, no mess.
Close the browser to clean up!

Maybe you want to look at some sites but simply don't want to pollute your default browser history, Stealth Net gives you that option.
It's a simple browser and it browses the net efficiently, without the need for bells and whistles.

Simple Interval

The simple "No Fuss" Interval timer to help you get training fast. 3 second launch, setup and START!.

Large and highly visual numbers will help you see remaining time from a distance along with special graphic displays during the countdown time.
Voice annotation warnings assist along with audio time markers.
Elapsed time display and interval count are all available to aid your training and with each interval a new background image is displayed to keep the look fresh!

Foley Pro

Foley Pro is a fun app for creating your life soundtrack in real time!

Foley is the art of producing everyday sound effects which are used in film and video productions.
Foley Pro has all the sound events of Live Foley app and a whole lot more!
Includes a tone generator for audiophiles too!


Ni-Hao means "Hello" in Chinese and what better way to get started with learning more about Chinese culture!
The Ni Hao iPhone App is intended to help people understand a little about the exciting Chinese New Year Festival time.
With soothing music and interesting imagery, you get a sneak peek behind the bamboo curtain to learn a little about this magical culture.

Cricket Mate

The easy way to capture your innings stats. Can be used for batting or bowling. With stat calculations for strike rate and more, this app makes it easy to keep track of your performance. There is also voice commentary making the app more of a companion than just a stats app. It's your maaaate!

Basketball Stats

A simple but useful app for taking individual or team basketball game stats. Save game results and share with friends. With several screens which allow you to track performance stats from each half of the game and look at final stats at the end.

Paper Size Helper

This app puts almost every known paper size and information about the best uses for the sizes in the palm of your hand. Metric ISO A sizes, B sizes, American ANSI sizes, UK metric book sizes, newspaper sizes and more! Simple interface looks great and is easy to use.

Spine Calculator

This app allows you to calculate spine widths for perfect, coil and wire binding etc. With over 50 of the most popular stocks included, simply dial up the stock choice, enter the page count and press the calculate button. Your spine calculation is right there ready for you!


Roast Calculator

Take the guess work out of cooking your roast! Simply dial up the cooking style, slow, medium, fast cook, along with the level of doneness (yes thats a word), rare, medium well done etc. Put in the meat weight, then this calculator will give you the correct cook times and temperatures, resting time etc.Also has recipes!


Floaty Doughnut

Floaty Doughnut is a super cool app with 25 of the best ever doughnut recipes. There's also a bunch of fun facts about doughnuts which you never knew but will be brainier for learning! Oh, and the floaty doughnut game is also included! And it's free!


Live Foley

Foley is the art of making sounds for movies. The incidental sounds which create the atmosphere. This app provides a sound board with some pretty cool sounds. Designed to give you a grand entrance fanfare, canned laughter, and many other useful audio effects.


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