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Keep an eye on your speed the easy way.

 iSpeed Pro can help you do that!

Keep and eye on your speed the easy way.

iSPeed Pro can help you with that!









GPS Accurate Speedometer


Measure your speed fast and accurately with GPS accuracy. Updates once per second to help keep your speed in check.


Curious stats to keep your passengers interested


Ever thought about how long it might taae you to reach the moon? how many foodball fields per hour you're travelling? Look inside!


Keep to the speed and drive safely


School zones and other built up areas areas need special attention to speed. Set an audible speed warning with one touch!


iSpeed Pro

The simple no fuss way to keep a track of your speed.

Large and highly visual speed display will help you keep an eye on your speed easily.

Set speed warnings with a single tap for five different speed zones. Tap again to dismiss the alert.

When you reach very high speeds, the app will start to talk to you to warn you to slow down!

Suitable for cars, motorbikes, trucks, even when you're on a train!

GPS Speed thats fun too!


Along with a map which follows your movements, you can also swipe to visit the speed and location data display screen. This contains stats which make travelling fun!

  • Lattitude
  • Longitude
  • Kilometres per hour
  • Miles per hour
  • Football fields per hour
  • How long to make it around the world
  • Time in years to make it to Mars and more!

Large speed display makes it easy to see 


Simulator Screen Shot - iPhone 8 Plus - 2018-04-12 at 21.53.16

Keep to the speed

& have fun too!


Get yours today!