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A Coach's best weapon is accurate game stats!

A Coach's best weapon is accurate game stats!









Play to win and have some fun!


Simple to use

Designed for anyone who enjoys Aussie Rules, this is a simple app which helps you keep track of player and team performance.

Scores vs. Stats

Whether the score is being counted or not, help your team improve game by game by tracking, saving and sharing vital game stats.

Reward your players

Fit in some time for fun by rewarding your rising stars with "Footy Card" style photo memories.

Improving the game

Aussie Rules is an awesome game made better by awesome players and supporters, so let's all improve the game together!


Answers in every quarter!


Stats at your fingertips

Capturing stats allows coaches and players to quickly review what is happening on field then simply make changes to the game for each quarter.

Absolutely simple to use

The simple "one touch" system allows you to collect stats fast!


Review - Save & Share


Improve team skills

Even when game scores are not being considered, you can keep the stats to help develop your team and player skills.

Gain insights

Gain a deeper understanding of team performance by looking at real stats!


Enter the Hall of Fame


Player rewards

Encourage your rising stars with footy card style game day awards!

Focus on the best points win or lose.

Simple recognition 

All you need to do is snap the photo in-app, choose the reward frame, save and share.


Football Stats Pro

As well as keeping all quarter by quarter scores, you can also track:

  • Forward 50 metre entries
  • Back 50 entries
  • Score conversions & percentages
  • Contests won and lost
  • Ruck wins and losses
  • Penalties for and against

Promoting fairness

Let's promote fair and reasonable game evaluations using REAL stats!
There's no need to go off pop at the umpires! Look at the stats to get some clarity, count to ten, then refine your game strategy.

At last there's real help!


What's happening out there?

Whether you're having problems with goal conversions or want to reward your powerful back line, it's all in there.

Key performance observations

  • How many free kicks are you giving away?
  • Are we winning the ruck?
  • How many contests are we winning?
  • Are we improving as the game continues?
  • What can we do to fix it?

Keep it in check with Football Stats Pro.

Is the team slowing down by the third quarter? Recognise simple problems quickly and fluidly apply strategy changes.

Implement key game strategies simply with real-time live stats, quarter by quarter.

It's the smart way to improve your team game.

Simple stats to help your team succeed! 



The best way to improve team performance for less than the cost of a cup of coffee!


What are you waiting for?