The help you need in the palm of your hands

 A useful suite of tools for all designers.

The help you need in the palm of your hands

A useful suite of tools for all designers.









All paper sizes sorted!

Both metric and imperial measurements
Simply dial up the size for both paper and envelopes.

It's really THAT simple!


Know your ISO or ANSI sizes?


Save your brain cells and leave it up to the app.

All ISO sizes are there along with ANSI, Newspaper, UK Books and envelopes. learn all about them in this app.


Easily calculate spine widths!

Every time a book is designed,
the spine width needs to be known.

Designers can now find the information easily!


Got book thickness?


So the deadline is here, and the cover needs to be right!

Dial up the stock, enter the page count and you got it!


Discover colour!

Colour creates moods and helps your design
reach the emotions of your target audience.

Designers are now free to explore colour!


Simple UI Colours


One finger is all you need to find the ultimate colour for your next UI Project! And it gets better than that too!

Simply find the RGB colour, and see the approximate CMYK representation and the Hex colour code for web use!

You're welcome!


Colour Inspiration

Even great designers need to get inspiration from somewhere.

Designers Toolkit has you covered!


Remix like a DJ!


Swish the R G B sliders back and forth to discover additional colours for your design!

With a tint bar for the primary colour along with two possible partners makes colour discovery simple and choosing colours easy!


Designer's Toolkit

Every Designer needs this toolkit!

  • Huge repository of known paper and envelope sizes with information about the best uses for the sizes in the palm of your hand.
  • Simple calculator for book spine widths
  • UI colour picker with RGB - CMYK & Hex!
  • UI Colour Remix - Colour discovery tool