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Cricket Mate

Cricket Mate is your stats companion, built to help you simply take your innings stats and improve your game!

  • Simple to use and easy to keep track of your stats.
  • Let your buddy take your stats as you bat or bowl then send them to you right from the app.
  • No fuss screen layout makes it simple to keep track of the important details!

Simple to use app with great to have stats!

Track the most important stats for batting or bowling.

  • strike rate calculator
  • single runs
  • double runs
  • triple runs
  • fours and sixes
  • dismissal
  • all sundries
  • calculate all score and sundries for a player batting innings

Conveniently provides you with accurate stats  in a simple mobile app.


NOW with encouraging commentary!

Share a snapshot with your team mates and friends using the save feature!


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