It's Chinese New Year
and here's an app to help you enjoy it!









Ni-Hao means "Hello" in Chinese and what better way to get started with learning more about Chinese culture!

The Ni Hao iPhone App is intended to help people understand a little about the exciting Chinese New Year Festival time.

With soothing music and interesting imagery, you get a sneak peek behind the bamboo curtain to learn a little about this magical culture.

  • Simple to use and colourful.
  • Learn about the Chinese New Year.
  • Listen to some music
  • Learn about Dim Sum
  • Learn about Yum Cha
  • The legend of Nian

Ni-Hao puts Chinese New Year facts at your fingertips!

This simple to use app gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Chinese New Year!

What is the legend which started the Chinese new year?

  • Find out why it's the biggest annual celebration in the world
  • When does it begin?
  • What does Xinnian Kuaile mean?
  • Learn about the Red Envelope & more!
  • Includes Chinese horoscope listings for every year/animal combination

Listen to the soothing Chinese music while you browse! 


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The friendly and & fun way to experience the Chinese New Year!


In just a few clicks you can gain access!