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The coffee culture is not just for baristas.

 Indulge your coffee passion with Caffen8

The coffee culture is not just for baristas.

Indulge your coffee passion with Caffen8









Enjoy a brew?


The Caffen8 App is a companion app for your coffee break.

Learn all about the beans and the brew in one place.

The daily grind...


Decent bean juice starts with decent beans.
Learn the secrets of arabica and robusta beans and the right way to grind them with this app.

Hot Chocolate


The Caffen8 App has that too.

In fact, there are all sorts of coffee styles including mocha, Viennese and more.

There's certain to be something to satisfy your cravings.



If you want to know about coffee, start here!

Starting with Espresso, milk based drinks like cafe latte, international coffee styles such as viennese and vietnamese, there's a lot to learn about!

Maybe you like something for dessert? Choose affogato.

Iced coffee for a hot day?

How do you make the perfect cappuccino? its in the app.

How coarse is the grind for the simple to use french press?

There's more, much more, in a funky interface with swipe navigation and complimentary video scenes.



If you like a brew, this one is for you!